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Information released online from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017.
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Foreign Press Center Briefings

-11/08/16  The State of the Race - the Conservative Perspective; New York, NY
-11/07/16  The State of the Race - The Liberal Perspective; New York, NY
-11/07/16  What to Expect on Election Day in New York - A Primer on Exit Polling and Calling the Race; New York, NY
-10/07/16  Polling: What the Numbers Tell Us; New York, NY
-09/26/16  Preview of the First 2016 Presidential Debate; Washington, DC
-07/28/16  National Security Issues and the 2016 Elections; Philadelphia, PA
-07/28/16  National Security and Foreign Policy; Philadelphia, PA
-07/28/16  Campaign Update; Philadelphia, PA
-07/28/16  The Youth Vote in the 2016 Election; Philadelphia, PA
-07/27/16  The Latino Vote; Philadelphia, PA
-07/27/16  Veterans, Military Families and the 2016 Election; Philadelphia, PA
-07/27/16  Social Media and the 2016 Election; Philadelphia, PA
-07/27/16  Foreign Policy Outlook; Philadelphia, PA
-07/27/16  Hillary Clinton Campaign Update; Philadelphia, PA
-07/27/16  U.S. Presidential Election: The Latest Polling; Philadelphia, PA
-07/27/16  The Role of Satire in U.S. Elections; Philadelphia, PA
-07/27/16  How Pennsylvania Will Vote; Philadelphia, PA
-07/26/16  Foreign Policy Outlook for 2017 and Beyond; Philadelphia, PA
-07/26/16  The African American Vote; Philadelphia, PA
-07/26/16  Countering Violent Extremism: Radical Actors and the 2016 Election; Philadelphia, PA
-07/26/16  The Impact of the 2016 Election on Arab Americans and American Muslims; Philadelphia, PA
-07/25/16  The Role of Grassroots Activism; Philadelphia, PA
-07/25/16  The LGBT Vote; Philadelphia, PA
-07/25/16  Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy; Philadelphia, PA
-07/25/16  Entrepreneurship and the Economy; Philadelphia, PA
-07/21/16  Social Media Trends: Election Edition; Cleveland, OH
-07/21/16  Conservative Perspectives on Foreign Policy Priorities; Cleveland, OH
-07/20/16  The Role of a Delegate; Cleveland, OH
-07/20/16  Covering Republicans in the 2016 Presidential Election; Cleveland, OH
-07/20/16  Covering Issues Important to Conservatives; Cleveland, OH
-07/20/16  The State of the Presidential Race; Cleveland, OH
-07/20/16  The 2016 GOP Platform; Cleveland, OH
-07/19/16  Not My First Rodeo: A Delegate From Texas Explains What Makes This Convention Different; Cleveland, OH
-07/19/16  Donald Trump's Foreign Policy; Cleveland, OH
-07/19/16  What a Trump White House Might Look Like; Cleveland, OH
-07/18/16  Cleveland and Beyond: The 2016 Presidential Elections; Cleveland, OH
-07/14/16  Covering the Election? Two Words You Need to Know: Electoral College; Washington, DC
-05/26/16  2016 Elections: What To Expect At The Conventions; New York, NY
-05/24/16  Race to the White House: Focus on the Latino Electorate; New York, NY
-05/05/16  How Will the Presidential Race Impact Congressional Races?; Washington, DC
-04/26/16  The Pennsylvania Primary: State of the Race as Pennsylvania Voters Go to the Polls; Philadelphia, PA
-04/20/16  The Economy, Trade and the 2016 U.S. Election; New York, NY
-04/04/16  The Wisconsin Primary: State of the Race as Wisconsin Voters Go to the Polls; Milwaukee, WI
-03/17/16  Results from the March 15 Primaries: Impact on Party Nominations; Washington, DC
-03/14/16  The Florida and Ohio Primaries: State of the Race in Two Key Battleground States; Washington, DC
-03/02/16  Elections 2016: The Day After Super Tuesday; New York, NY
-03/01/16  Elections 2016: Will Women Decide?; Washington, DC
-02/29/16  Elections 2016: A Preview of the Latest Polls; Washington, DC
-02/18/16  The South Carolina Primary: State of the Race as South Carolina Republicans Go to the Polls; Columbia, SC
-02/10/16  The New Hampshire Primary: Initial Results and the Implications of the first U.S. Primary Election of 2016; Washington, DC
-02/08/16  The New Hampshire Primary: State of the Race as New Hampshire Goes to the Polls; Durham, NH
-01/29/16  The Iowa Caucuses: State of the Race as Iowa Goes to the Polls; Washington, DC
-01/25/16  The Iowa Caucuses: State of the Race a Week before Iowa Goes to the Polls; Des Moines, IA
-01/13/16  Making Noise or Speaking Volumes?: How U.S. Presidential Hopefuls Are Using Social Media; Washington, DC
-12/02/15  2016 Election Update: The Impact of Immigrant Communities on U.S. Elections; New York, NY
-11/17/15  Rock the Laughs: Humor's Role in Presidential Elections; Washington, DC
-11/12/15  How do State and Local Governments Run Primaries and Elections? How do Candidates Get on the Ballot?; New York, NY
-11/02/15  Update on the 2016 General Election; New York, NY
-10/28/15  State of the Race 2016: An overview of the 2016 Elections for foreign correspondents covering their first U.S. election; Washington, DC