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Information released online from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017.
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U.S. Department of State - Great Seal

U.S. Department of State

Diplomacy in Action

U.S. Election Process

Presidential Nominating Process
The Presidential Nominating Process and the National Party Conventions, 2016 - Congressional Research Service
The Role of Delegates in the U.S. Presidential Nominating Process - Council on Foreign Relations
Presidential Election Process -

Campaign Finance
Financial Disclosure Portal for 2016 Presidential Elections - U.S. Federal Election Commission
Government 101: Campaign Finances - Vote Smart
Financing Campaigns - U.S. Department of State
Federal Election Commission Regulates Presidential Campaigns - U.S. Department of State
Legal Rulings Give Corporations a Greater Voice in U.S. Elections - U.S. Department of State

2016 General Election Dates and Sites - Commission on Presidential Debates
2016 Debate Host Applicants - Commission on Presidential Debates
2016 Democratic Primary Debate Schedule - Democratic National Committee
2016 Republican Primary Debate Schedule - Republican National Committee
The Fall Debates - Democracy in Action

Caucuses and Primaries
2016 Primary and Caucus Dates - RealClearPolitics
2016 Primary Results and Calendar - The New York Times
Overview of the Primary Process - Democracy in Action
The Caucus System in the U.S. Presidential Nominating Process - Council on Foreign Relations

Party Conventions
Delegate Count with Map - POLITICO
Official Website - Democratic National Convention
Official Website - Republican National Convention
2016 Conventions - Democracy in Action

Electoral College
Electoral Vote Count with Map - 270 to Win
Government 101: Electoral College - Vote Smart
What is the Electoral College? - U.S. National Archives
Distribution of Electoral Votes - U.S. National Archives

Election Day - Democracy in Action
U.S. Elections Procedures - U.S. Department of State